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As a pediatric dentist, we have the tools and technology to ensure children receive the specific dental care they need. We can treat the source of an oral health issue, so the child achieves lasting relief and can have a higher chance of maintaining oral health. Pediatric dental X-rays allow us to get a detailed image of a child's teeth, jaw, and head, identifying any growth concerns with their teeth.

Pediatric dental X-rays are available at Nett Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Dental X-rays are an essential part of preventive dentistry, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry services. Our team offers pediatric dental X-rays to further ensure our child patients get the care they need to keep a healthy smile. 

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The Importance of Pediatric Dental X-rays

Pediatric dental X-rays are detailed images of the interior of teeth and gums. X-rays allow us to view the hard to see areas of teeth, such as around the root of the tooth, inside the gums, and the jaw.

Since they allow for a clear picture of the child's teeth, teeth roots, and jaw, pediatric dental X-rays are effective in preventive dentistry. X-rays can help us to detect early signs of oral health and cosmetic complications before they worsen. With pediatric X-rays, we can identify issues such as:

  • Cavities
  • Tooth infections
  • Alignment issues
  • Malocclusion

There are different reasons why a pediatric dentist may order dental X-rays for children. As mentioned, they are commonly used for preventive reasons, although they are also common when detecting the severity of an oral health issue, as well.

The Pediatric Dental X-ray Process

Pediatric dental X-rays are often an essential part of the treatment process. The pediatric dentist may order them to check for oral health issues such as cavities, tooth infections, or the cause of swollen gums. As a pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we also use X-rays for early orthodontic treatment and phase II orthodontic treatment.

There are different types of pediatric dental X-rays, all of which are painless and do not take long to complete. The typical process involves the child biting down and the X-ray machine snapping an image of the patient's mouth. Each type of X-ray is performed for a unique purpose and may target a different area of the mouth. We will take industry-standard precautions to safely complete the X-ray process.

Benefits of Pediatric Dental X-rays

Pediatric dental X-rays can reduce the cost for parents long-term by preventing minor oral health and orthodontic issues from worsening into more severe complications. The earlier a problem is detected, the faster we can provide the customized treatment a child needs. Other benefits of pediatric dental X-rays include:

  • Early detection of oral health concerns
  • Receive prompt dental treatment
  • Determine permanent teeth development
  • Improved oral health routine
  • Reduced costs long-term

An obvious benefit of pediatric dental X-rays is the early detection of oral health, functional, or cosmetic concerns. In many instances, pediatric dental X-rays detect issues before they become serious. One issue that we can detect is weakened enamel in hard to see areas of teeth.

As it relates to orthodontic treatment, pediatric dental X-rays provide a better idea of the expected development of permanent teeth and the jaw. This way, we can make a recommendation as to whether early orthodontic treatment is necessary or not.

How to Prepare Your Child for Dental X-rays

Most children have some level of anxiety before visiting the pediatric dentist, especially if it is their very first visit. Fortunately, there are things parents can do to keep their calm before, during, and after their visit. By visiting our pediatric dentist's office, we can help children relax and feel comfortable in a welcoming environment.

The parent can also explain the basics of the procedure to the child beforehand. Having the child bring a favorite toy or stuffed animal to keep them company can help. Our staff have experience working with children and can help explain things in a simple and pleasant way to help them feel calm.

Additionally, be sure to arrive on time. Rushing to the office and running late is likely to cause the parent and the child to become more stressed, and the stress of the parent can carry over to the child. Arriving on time can help the child feel comfortable.

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We offer pediatric dental X-rays as a part of our pediatric dentistry services, which helps us provide the best possible treatment.

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