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As a pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we strive to promote the healthy growth of a child's teeth while also helping them maintain their oral health as they grow up. When it comes to treating an infection, we may consider a baby root canal to prevent the infection from spreading further. A baby root canal involves removing the infected dental root of a child's baby tooth while preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Baby root canals are available at Nett Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Phoenix and the surrounding area. We provide baby root canals to help prevent an infection from interfering with the healthy growth of a child's teeth. With this procedure, we can help provide lasting relief from an infection in the teeth.

If you believe your child needs a baby root canal or another form of dental treatment, call us at 623-759-7658 today.

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What are Baby Root Canals?

A root canal procedure involves removing and replacing infected pulp in the root of a tooth to save the tooth from ongoing discomfort. While baby root canals provide the same type of procedure, it is customized for a child's baby teeth instead of permanent teeth. A common misconception among many parents is that primary(baby) teeth do not need saving as they are going to fall out eventually. However, primary teeth are often essential to the proper growth and health of permanent teeth.

One of the main roles of baby teeth is to hold the position of permanent teeth until they are ready. Early, unexpected loss of a primary tooth may result in improper alignment of permanent teeth. Losing a baby tooth too early can also increase the difficulty of eating and speech development.

Benefits of Baby Root Canals

A baby root canal is necessary when the pulp inside of a primary tooth becomes infected. If left untreated, the infection can spread to other teeth. Benefits of a baby root canal can include:

  • Preserving tooth alignment
  • Improving function
  • Symptom relief
  • Preventing a complete tooth extraction
  • Cosmetic advantage

A baby root canal helps prevent early tooth loss of primary teeth, which ensures they last until the permanent teeth are ready to emerge. Following a baby root canal, the child will no longer feel pain from the tooth.

Signs Your Child May Need a Baby Root Canal

One of the major signs that a child may need a baby root canal is the complaint of pain or soreness in the mouth. If the pain continues to linger, then the parent will need to bring the child to our pediatric dentist as soon as possible. While children can sometimes make a situation seem worse than it is, it is crucial to verify if it is a severe issue.

If the child has difficulty eating food due to pain in a tooth, then they may need a baby root canal procedure. Along with that, the child may experience increased sensitivity when consuming hot or cold beverages. We can help determine the source of pain in the tooth and if a baby root canal is necessary.

What to Expect

Our team will help to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to help children feel more at ease during the procedure. If the parent prefers, we can help explain the situation to the child before the appointment. To begin, we will apply a numbing agent around the area of the infected tooth to reduce or prevent discomfort during treatment. Our pediatric dentist will also place a dental dam around the tooth to isolate it from the rest of the mouth.

We will help determine the most effective way to ensure the child will feel relaxed during the appointment. The child will not feel any pain during the procedure. We will place a small hole into the tooth to remove all of the infected pulp inside of the chamber.

After removing the infected pulp, we clean the area and replace the space with a healthy artificial pulp material. Lastly, we seal the tooth and place a dental crown over the primary tooth to restore its appearance and protect it from future complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child feel anything during the procedure?

No. We will take every necessary precaution to ensure the child is comfortable during the procedure and does not feel any pain. While there may be some soreness after the procedure, the child will feel relief after the infection is gone.

How do I prepare my child for the appointment?

Fortunately, the only preparation will involve helping the child relax and stay calm. We can help the parent determine the most effective way to help the child remain calm during the appointment. Sometimes, distracting the child the night before with a board game or movie can help.

What do I need to do after the procedure?

Following a baby root canal, it will help to have the child eat softer foods and water. Soft foods can include yogurt, soup, bananas, and more. We may recommend antibiotics to help prevent another infection while the tooth heals.

Will I need to schedule a follow-up visit after the baby root canal?

In some cases, yes. We will determine if it is necessary to schedule a follow-up visit and ensure the tooth is healing properly. If there are any issues or changes in the tooth, the parents need to call us right away.

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