The Benefits of Clear Braces for Teens

Clear Braces For Teens Phoenix, AZ

No teen wants to get braces, but if they have to, clear braces for teens might just be the best option. Compared to traditional braces made of metal and wires, clear braces have many benefits specifically designed for teens and those conscious of how their smile looks. 

Clear braces are not for every patient, so talk with your dentist about your teen and see whether or not clear braces may be an option for them. To help you decide if clear braces are the right option for your teen, we are going to outline some of the key benefits that teens and even older patients may enjoy when choosing clear braces over traditional metal braces. 

Clear braces are nearly invisible 

One of the main reasons that clear braces for teens are so popular is that unless you know they are there, they are basically invisible. Clear braces use custom-fitted aligners or trays that go over the teeth and fit snugly. If you do not know someone is wearing them and are not able to inspect their teeth up close, you will not notice the clear braces at all, which is the point. 

Teens and young adults are very conscious of social pressure and the look of their smiles. This is why so many teens dislike the idea of traditional braces. All of that metal and wires are hardly fashionable and do not forget trying to eat or talk with traditional braces in public. The fact that these braces are about to straighten teeth virtually without being seen makes them the preferred option for teens that need alignment correction. 

Clear braces are typically more comfortable 

Another issue with traditional metal braces is that they can be very uncomfortable. The brackets and wires are attached to the teeth and can cause pain and discomfort, particularly when eating. Because of how they are placed on the teeth, only a dentist can make corrections to relieve the discomfort. This can make them extremely difficult to wear. 

On the other hand, clear braces are custom fitted to the patient and come in sets. Every few weeks, the patient receives a new set of custom-fitted trays or aligners to wear. If the fit is poor, new aligners can be made, but this is generally never an issue because clear braces are naturally more comfortable than metal braces. 

Another added benefit that makes them more comfortable is that they can be taken out for up to 2 hours every day. This means teens can eat, brush, and floss without having their clear braces in. This provides some relief from the discomfort and allows them to eat and drink more comfortably. It also allows them to properly clean their braces so that they function properly and do not become stained. 

Clear braces work faster 

The length of time a patient has to wear braces is another reason that many patients do not like them. In some cases, a treatment with traditional braces can take three years or longer. That is a lot of time to spend with wires and brackets attached to your teeth. This time can increase if the braces malfunction or need to be adjusted multiple times. This can make having braces feel like a real ordeal. 

Clear braces for teens are much easier to modify and create fresh sets if the patient needs them, but the error rate for clear braces is incredibly low. Because they gradually move the teeth in stages, clear braces are more effective at fixing minor to moderate alignment issues. This means that patients can sometimes complete their treatment in half the time it would take for traditional braces. The average length of treatment for traditional braces ranges from 18 months to 3 years. For clear braces, it can be as short as 12 months. 

One of the reasons that clear braces are so much more effective is that they are custom-made for each patient. The increased comfort and wearability make them much more likely to follow their treatment plan to completion without incidents or the need for repairs or maintenance.  

Talk with your dentist about clear braces today 

Clear braces are an excellent way to fix your teen’s alignment issue. Besides being nearly invisible, they are usually more comfortable, easier to manage and maintain and take significantly less time to work than traditional braces. Talk with your dentist and see if your teen is a good candidate for clear braces today. 

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