Importance of early childhood caries prevention


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Oral health care maintenance is of utmost importance in infants and small children in order to ensure optimum growth and development in the teenage years and growing age of the individual. Neglecting primary teeth health can have serious and adverse consequences in the permanent dentition resulting in structural, functional, psychological as well as social handicap. Early loss of primary teeth can cause delayed eruption of permanent teeth, tilting and drifting of adjacent teeth and loss of space for the underlying permanent dentition causing mal-occlusion and crowding afterwards. North Phoenix dentist has observed that negligence on part of the parents and guardians regarding the maintenance of regular tooth brushing, oral rinsing and application of dental floss can lead to expensive and painful complex dental treatment procedures for the children in future. Mothers tend to put baby feeding bottles loaded with sweetened drinks and sugary milk in order to manage their crying habits. This looks quite harmless but it is documented to be the major culprit for the development of early childhood caries which manifests rapidly and results in severe decay of almost all front teeth of the infants and severe cases can present with the involvement of whole dentition.

Dental health care professionals strongly discourage the use of this dinky feeding bottles especially filled with sugary drinks in your child. Mothers should discourage the child by filling these bottles with sugarless drinks and plain water. Children should be given attractions towards the use of cups for drinking milk and juices especially with a straw as it helps in passing down the drinks without constant contact with baby teeth. Children are dealt with in a friendly and calm environment at the North phoenix dentist’s office and are interviewed regarding their favorite hobbies and cartoon characters. Mothers are educated regarding child oral and dental care and the use of cups having child’s favorite cartoon characters printed on these to encourage him/her for giving up the feeding bottle. Mothers should be educated and motivated in order to perform supervised tooth brushing of their children with a flavored fluoride tooth paste. Importance of regular visits to the dental health care professional’s office must be emphasized and parents should book the next visit before leaving the dental clinics.

Tooth decay is the leading cause of hospital admissions in primary school children, shocking new figures reveal.

A staggering 500 children, aged five to nine, are admitted to hospital every week suffering from tooth problems.

Experts say the problem is set to get worse with the latest figures showing a drop in the number of people visiting a dentist.

Half of adults and a third of children have not seen a dentist in the last two years, according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) statistics.

Adults are advised to visit the dentist between every three months and two years –  but the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends that the longest time between appointments for children is 12 months.