Cola drinks in baby bottles can lead to early tooth loss


Protection of baby teeth against tooth decay and development of cavities is essential in order to prevent the occurrence of abnormalities and retarded growth in permanent dentition. Primary teeth make up the foundation of overall dental and oral health of an individual throughout his/her lifetime. North Phoenix pediatric dentists have observed an increase in the occurrence of early childhood caries in infants and small children in the recent past. Complete history and comprehensive clinical examination of toddlers depicts an increase in the intake of acidic drinks and sugary beverages especially through baby bottles and dinky feeding containers. Mothers often put these feeding bottles filled with cola drinks in their child’s mouth so that he/she sleeps while sipping the drink. This habit has deleterious effects on baby teeth causing severe degree of tooth mineral loss and de-mineralization. It can speed up the already present caries lesions and develops non-carious cervical tooth lesions as well.

The cola drinks, acidic beverages, lemon juices and sugary milk which mothers put in the baby bottles act as a rich and continuous source of nutrition for the dental plaque bio-film microorganisms resulting in their stabilization, rapid growth and inhabitation of the tooth surfaces. These microorganisms metabolize the synthetic sugars and produce acidic contents. These acidic contents in addition to cola drinks cause the pH of oral environment to become lower than the critical pH required for the initiation of dental caries. Persistence of these conditions can lead to rampant tooth decay and eventual premature tooth loss. Mother education regarding refraining from the excessive use of these cola beverages in feeding bottles should be strongly emphasized at dental consultation visits by the North Phoenix pediatric dentists. The following article focuses upon the harmful effects of acidic drinks given to small children in feeding bottles.

Toddlers as young as 18 months are now losing their teeth because their parents are routinely giving them sugary drinks – primarily soda, which is made with teeth-rotting phosphoric acid.

some dentists are beginning to see several children whose teeth have dissolved down to the gum line. Rob Beaglehole, a New Zealand dentist, said he has treated a two-year-old who routinely drank Coke from a baby bottle. The child’s teeth were not only decayed to the gum line but they were also bleeding.