Role of parents in maintenance of child’s oral health


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Healthy milk teeth make up the foundation of your permanent dentition. It is extremely important to maintain meticulous oral hygiene with the help of regular tooth brushing and dental flossing between teeth. Children need special attention and motivation regarding their oral hygiene maintenance due to their inability to carry put cleaning procedures on their own. Dental health care professionals must ensure patient education in order to make sure parents put focus on their child’s dental and oral care. Infants and small children should be taken to dental consultation visit early in life to acclimatize them with the environment of dental office and required dental procedures in his/her future life. A dental home is the term used for making your child aware of the dental operatory surroundings and parents should be motivated to do so. It is strongly recommended to take your child to the dental clinic soon after the eruption of his/her first tooth or after his/her first birthday.

Parents should be encouraged to educate and train their children about performing proper tooth brushing with child oriented tooth brushes and fluoride containing tooth pastes especially manufactured for milk teeth. Pleasant flavored tooth pastes according to the child’s liking must be provided to him/her to increase the interest in tooth cleaning daily. Tooth brushes shaped in child’s favorite cartoon characters have shown promising results in various studies. A very successful method of teaching your child the proper technique of tooth brushing is to perform your own tooth cleaning in front of the mirror while your child mimics you standing right beside you. This article tells us what should be done by parents in order to ensure excellent oral and dental health of their children.

Eat healthy foods at home, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and protein. Most natural foods have lower amounts of sugar than processed foods and do less damage to teeth, according to Kathleen Pace, an assistant professor in the Baylor College of Dentistry at Texas A&M University in Dallas.

Be sure to include fruits and dairy in youngsters’ school lunches. Fruit will satisfy their craving for sweets and provide healthy nutrients, while dairy products such as milk and cheese with help strengthen their bones and teeth.

Take part in children’s morning and nightly teeth cleaning rituals, and teach them how to take care of their teeth. “Children love to imitate, so let them watch you brush your teeth and floss. Or even better, do it with them,” Pace said. “Really try to have your kids brush their teeth after breakfast.”